The Simpsons Coalport Ceramics – Mush!

Line: Coalport ceramic figures
Year: 2005

Coalport The Simpsons MushFrom the classy shores of England come these equally-classy ceramic sculptures. Coalport Porcelain Works produced a limited run of a series of spectacular figures featuring The SimpsonsĀ along with other popular Springfieldians. This one is titled “Mush!”, and it sits in a place of prominence among my collection. They don’t come cheap however, and prices are only likely to go higher. At the moment the prices can vary by up to $50, so don’t rush into buying one. Shop around first.

Mine is number 279 from a worldwide run of 4,000. Unfortunately, Snowball’s tail broke off when I dropped something onto it. I’ll glue it back on. Eventually.


Marge & Snowball II figurine

Line: Unsure
Year: 1990
Set: Unsure

I can’t find much information about this one. “1990” is printed on the back, but I’m not sure if it’s part of a set, which company made it, etc. I can’t even find much about it online. It’d be appreciated if anyone can help me out with identifying it.