The Simpsons Coalport Ceramics – Mush!

Line: Coalport ceramic figures
Year: 2005

Coalport The Simpsons MushFrom the classy shores of England come these equally-classy ceramic sculptures. Coalport Porcelain Works produced a limited run of a series of spectacular figures featuring The Simpsons along with other popular Springfieldians. This one is titled “Mush!”, and it sits in a place of prominence among my collection. They don’t come cheap however, and prices are only likely to go higher. At the moment the prices can vary by up to $50, so don’t rush into buying one. Shop around first.

Mine is number 279 from a worldwide run of 4,000. Unfortunately, Snowball’s tail broke off when I dropped something onto it. I’ll glue it back on. Eventually.


Simpsons Hamilton Sculpture – Marge “Happy Homer-Maker”

Line: Hamilton sculpture collection – The Simpsons Nuclear Family
Year: 2003

Simpsons Hamilton Sculpture Happy Homer Maker

From the “Nuclear Family” collection of the Simpsons line of Hamilton sculptures, “Happy Homer-Maker” features Marge juggling the groceries and Maggie, while Santa’s Little Helper “helps”.

Mine is numbered 4031.

The Hamilton sculptures are among my favourite items in my collection. Unfortunately, due to the amount of pieces in the line, and the price of each, I haven’t bought many. Those I do have I either scooped up cheap, or bought because I particularly like them.