Matt Groening 6 inch Kidrobot figure

Year: 2012
Line: Kidrobot “collectable art” (ie, fancy figures)
Set: Everything ever

Matt Groening KidRobot figure

The Almighty Creator himself, Matt Groening, was immortalised in plastic for the first time in 2012, to commemorate the show’s 500th episode. This 6-inch figurine was released by Kidrobot, and is just one of a huge range of licensed collectibles, including several different lines of Simpsons characters.

They’re awesome, but unfortunately this is the only one I have. There’s just too many of them, and they aren’t cheap. I’ll add them to the collection someday.


The Simpsons Burger King beach scene

Line: Beach scene – Burger King/Hungry Jack’s
Year: 2001
Set: 4 – Homer, Bart, Maggie, Lisa & Marge

Simpsons Burger King beach scene

The Simpsons beach scene set came with the kid’s meals in Australian Burger King and Hungry Jack’s stores in 2001. One piece was released a week, over four weeks, fitting together to create the whole scene. As far as I know, this set was only released in Australia.

Simpsons Burger King beach scene BartSimpsons Burger King beach scene MaggieSimpsons Burger King beach scene Lisa MargeSimpsons Burger King beach scene Homer

The Simpsons Winchell’s Donuts figurines

Line: Winchell’s Donut House (US)
Year: 1993
Set: 2 – Bart, Homer

Bart Simpson Winchells donut figureThese figurines were available in Winchell’s Donut House stores in the US in 1993, and originally came with a sheet of speech bubble stickers (as seen below). I found the Bart one in the Chapel Street Bazaar, in Melbourne, but haven’t been able to find the Homer one. (below photo from Simpson Winchells donut figure