Cinema Capsule Toy set

Line: Tomy/TYC/Gacha vending machine capsule toys
Year: 2007
Set: 5 – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie

Movie Capsule toys setThis set is from those vending machines you see in shopping centres, where the toys are dispensed in little capsules. The company that produces them isn’t written on the base of the figures, but some Internet sleuthing told me that Tomy, TYC and Gacha are all involved… somehow. I couldn’t find details on who does what, as companies like these never really provide information on their back catalogue, and only focus on current products.

Anyway, these figures are pretty highly detailed, especially considering how small they are. There are several sets of Simpsons capsule toys, and the ones I have are all of pretty good quality. This one, featuring the family sitting in cinema seats, was released in 2007 as part of the big merchandise line promoting the release of The Simpsons Movie.


(Capsule Toy?) Homer Figure

Line: ??
There’s probably more

Another item I can’t place to a set or company, my girlfriend found this tiny Homer figure in a second hand store. His back is marked with the Fox trademark and the year 2007, which leads me to believe he’s probably from some set promoting the movie – pretty much everything released in 2007 was.

My guess, based on his small size, is he’s from one of those capsule vending machines you see in arcades and shopping centres. I’ve searched through capsule toys online, but couldn’t find this figure in any of the sets.

If anyone has any idea where he belongs, please let me know. Until then, he remains in my mystery pile.