Evil Talking Krusty Doll

Line: Playmates Toys
Year: 2001

Simpsons Evil Krusty doll PlaymatesFrom Playmates Toys in 2001, this Krusty doll is straight out of the “Clown Without Pity” segment of the Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror III”. In the episode, Homer buys Bart a talking Krusty doll, who turns evil and tries to kill Homer when no one is watching.

It’s recreated quite well here, with a hard plastic head and plush body, pointed teeth, a Good/Evil switch and a pullstring in the back that says lines from the episode.

When the switch is set to Good, the doll says: “I’m Krusty the Klown, and I love you very much”, “Hey hey!”, “Here you go, buddy” and “Coming home to you makes it all worthwhile”.

But switch it to Evil, and it will say: “You sir, are an idiot”, “Come on, move it!”, “Shut your hole!” and “What have you done for me lately?”

As cool as it is, I was actually a little disappointed with this product.  The “good” lines are straight out of the episode and are relevant, but the “evil” sayings are just mildly negative Krusty lines from whenever. It should say the things from the episode that spark Homer’s fear, ie “I’m Krusty the Klown and I don’t like you”, “I’m Krusty the Klown and I’m going to kill you!”

But then again, maybe it’s not a wise marketing decision to have a children’s doll threaten to kill them.



The Simpsons Burger King beach scene

Line: Beach scene – Burger King/Hungry Jack’s
Year: 2001
Set: 4 – Homer, Bart, Maggie, Lisa & Marge

Simpsons Burger King beach scene

The Simpsons beach scene set came with the kid’s meals in Australian Burger King and Hungry Jack’s stores in 2001. One piece was released a week, over four weeks, fitting together to create the whole scene. As far as I know, this set was only released in Australia.

Simpsons Burger King beach scene BartSimpsons Burger King beach scene MaggieSimpsons Burger King beach scene Lisa MargeSimpsons Burger King beach scene Homer