The Simpsons BIP Candy Toppers

Line: Bip Candy & Toys
Year: 1998
Set: 4 (I think) – Bart with Skateboard, Bart on Traffic Lights, Homer & Maggie, Marge & Lisa

Simpsons Bip Candy Toppers set

These rubber Simpsons figures are a set of Candy Toppers, meaning they originally sat on top of tubes full of candy. Information on them is scarce – mostly due to the company, Bip, being based in Holland. Their website isn’t much help either, as no records of this series exist any more. But I guess they are 14 years old and probably no longer produced.

Anyway, I have the four listed here, and didn’t realize for ages they were from the same series. The bottom of each is printed with the 1998 copyright, the website for Bip Holland, and a number. The ones I have are marked 1 to 4, which leads me to believe I have the full set here, but there might be others.

Also, why is Bart climbing traffic lights?

Simpsons Bip Candy Toppers Bart 1Simpsons Bip Candy Toppers Bart 2

Simpsons Bip Candy Toppers Homer MaggieSimpsons Bip Candy Toppers Marge Lisa