Marge & Snowball II figurine

Line: Unsure
Year: 1990
Set: Unsure

I can’t find much information about this one. “1990” is printed on the back, but I’m not sure if it’s part of a set, which company made it, etc. I can’t even find much about it online. It’d be appreciated if anyone can help me out with identifying it.


2 thoughts on “Marge & Snowball II figurine

  1. Yeah…..the history of the Simpson’s cats is vague, but I did find:
    Snowball V, commonly referred to as the new and improved Snowball II, is the Simpsons’ fifth cat and looks exactly the same as the original Snowball II. A couple places tell that Snowball II had greenish/yellow eyes. I looked for other Snowball II toys and found that to be true (lego’s for instance) and I noticed your Marge Simpson figurine’s cat had to be Snowball II if it had 1990 printed on it. However, as peculiar as it is, yours is the only 1990 Marge Simpson figurine, with Snowball II jumping on her dress, that I’ve seen with green eyes. All the others have white eyes, mine included, and mine has 1990 on it. So I wonder what’s up with that? lol.

  2. Thought I’d also say, your Marge shows her teeth white and mine yellow and if I’m not imagining it, your Marge has a larger cup size. I’m guessing two molds were made that year with changes. Even Snowball II’s tail seems skinnier and longer on mine.

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