Early Mattel Action Figures

Line: Mattel
Set: 7 – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Nelson, Bartman

This line of figurines by Mattel was one of the first sets of Simpsons toys to be released. They can be hard to find now, and when you do, they can sell for crazy amounts. I’ve seen the full set, unopened, selling for $2000 on eBay. Or, you might luck out and find them going cheap.

I managed to find Bart and Maggie at second-hand markets for a couple bucks, and picked up Homer, Nelson and another Bart on eBay for about the same. They obviously didn’t know what they had! That’s just the basic figures though: I don’t have any of the accessories pictured above.

Have: Homer, Bart, Maggie, Nelson


2 thoughts on “Early Mattel Action Figures

  1. i have the hole collection apart from lisa, as my little sister lost her!! and its impossible to try and re get her i cant find her anywere! can you help?!?!

    • The only one I have doubles of is Bart, sorry. Your best bet is eBay. They often pop up there, ranging from a couple bucks loose to $25-$30 in pack. I recently found Homer and Nelson, out of pack, for only a few dollars each. (I’ve been meaning to update this post to include them)
      In future, I’m also going to start a sale/trade section, where I post items I have doubles of.
      Sorry I couldn’t help more!

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